11 Best Heated Socks in 2024 (For Skiing, Motorcycle Riding, Hunting & More)

Best Heated Socks for Skiing, Motorcycle Riders, Sleeping, Hunting, Ice Fishing [Winter 2022-2023]

My list of the best heated socks for skiing, hunting, cycling etc (2024)

Let’s face it:

Winter season can be pretty harsh for cold weather photographers and winter sports enthusiasts. So it’s important to protect yourself while enjoying it outdoors in the cold.

The good news is, that you can invest in heated gloves and socks to battle the freezing cold without putting on too many garments (which is quite heavy, you know).

If you’re searching for:

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Then this post is for you.


Here’s an overview of what to expect today:

7 Best Battery Heated Socks (Winter 2024)

  • Snow Deer – Best heated socks under $100 for winter activities.
  • Rabbitroom – Affordable electric heated socks for skiing.
  • Savior – Great multi-purpose battery-powered socks in winter 2024.
  • Autocastle – Cheap thermal socks for everyday use and outdoors.
  • Lenz 5.0 – High-end product with a battery life of up to 14 hours.
  • Mobile Warming – Electric foot warmer with a snug fit.
  • MMLove – Good cheaper alternative to high-end electric ski socks.

As you can see, whether you are into cold weather activities like skiing, motorcycle riding, ice fishing, hunting, winter photography, or simply have chronically cold feet, you’ll find something that’ll work for you.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

1. Snow Deer – Best Value for Price Heated Socks 

  • Battery Life: 2.5 to 6 hours
  • Heat Settings: 3 levels
  • Best For: Skiing, Raynaud’s syndrome, motorcycle riders

Winter weather can be pretty frustrating especially if your hands and feet easily get cold.

And that sometimes becomes a cause for missing out on the fun activities outdoors. But, you don’t really have to bail out on those exciting stuff anymore. You just need to wear the right kind of clothing to enjoy some time out during the cold season.

One of the few good products you can wear to fight off the freezing cold is Snow Deer electric heated socks.

It is made from a unique fabric that provides great insulation for your feet. Because of its advance heating technology, you won’t have to worry about cold feet anymore (even if you stay out for a long time).

I would even label it as the best heated socks under $100 for winter 2024. Certainly my top pick.

  • Heating

Snow Deer’s socks have built-in infrared heating materials responsible for keeping your feet warm. But, that’s not only what these heating elements can do. Since it uses infrared technology, it can also help promote proper circulation in the area (perfect for those who have Reynaud’s).

This pair comes with 3 different heat level settings that you can choose from – low, medium, and high. When switching between levels, you simply have to quickly press the power button (except when turning it on or off, you need to press it a little bit longer). The color indicator changes with every quick press with Red as the highest heat setting, white for medium, and blue for low heat.

  • Heat Coverage

Most cheap foot warmers only heat the sole. But this one heats the entire foot up to the toes. Snow Deer has distributed the heating elements evenly to ensure that everything is covered. That is one of the reasons why people with Reynaud’s syndrome prefer this brand over the others.

  • Different Sizing Options

This is probably the most ignored feature when buying warm socks. But it’s totally important for the brand to offer various sizing options especially when it’s classified as “unisex”. Imagine a woman buying a pair of 8’s only to find out that it is in men’s sizing. That can be quite frustrating, to be honest.

Snow Deer socks come in 4 different sizes. Small (5-6 US size), medium (6-8.5 US size), large (9-12 US size), XL (12-14 US). All are of standard sizing so it fits both men and women.

  • Design/Construction

These battery-heated socks are engineered with powerful and top-quality materials to provide the utmost comfort and warmth to the user. Though the pair appears to be knitted, it is weatherproof. The inner membrane is padded so that your feet stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Where to Buy Them Online?

This product is available on Amazon and/or The Warming Store.

Check Price on Amazon

2. Rabbitroom – Best Affordable Heated Socks

  • Battery Life: up to 6 hours
  • Heat Settings: low, medium, high
  • Best For: Hunting, biking, skiing, hiking, circulation

Rabbitroom is a low-key brand that offers decent-quality winter gear. They have created a good reputation for offering products at a really affordable price without foregoing superior design and comfort.

  • Color Options

This feature might be trivial to some, but to others, it is as important. Having color-coordinated outfits doesn’t only make you look good physically, but it also helps you start your winter activities in a good mood.

Rabbitroom offers a wide selection of color schemes for their battery-powered products. You can choose among the following hues: Black, Green-White, Pink, Brown, White, Green-Yellow, Gray, and Blue-White.

  • Far Infrared Heating Technology

There are several heating technologies that can be used to fully insulate heated socks, but FI is among the best. While others only promote good heating capabilities, this one aids in blood circulation around the toes. This has helped a lot of people suffering from chronic cold feet or even Reynaud’s.

Also, it can heat up to 125F no matter the weather. This means your feet will remain as nice, toasty, and dry as it should be.

  • Multi-purpose

It can’t be denied that there are specific sets of gear for different kinds of winter activities. Rabbitroom made it possible to combine both comfort and durability.

So whether you engage in extreme winter sports or simply stay at home, these socks will keep up with you. The only thing you should keep in mind is a fairly low battery life. So if you work outside all winter, this pair is NOT for you.

  • Where to Buy Them Online?

This product is available on Amazon and/or The Warming Store.

Check Price on Amazon

3. SaviorMulti-Purpose Battery Powered Socks

  • Battery Life: up to 7 hours
  • Heat Settings: 3-level temperature control
  • For For: Skiing, hunting, biking, fishing, Raynaud’s syndrome

The thing is, having cold feet tends to make the entire body feel chilly.

And when that happens, you almost always feel under the weather. But you can prevent that from happening by wearing the appropriate pair of electric foot warmers.

When it comes to thermal socks and warmers, SAVIOR HEAT is one of the leading manufacturers that don’t disappoint.

They have been providing warm winter gear to people suffering from cold hands and feet for over 12 years. As an established brand, there’s no denying that they value quality more than anything else.

  • Heating Coverage

Before adding an item to your cart, it is important to know how much area is covered by the heating elements. If it only covers the soles, then that’s not enough. What will keep you truly warm is when it heats even up to your toes.

The good news is that SAVIOR HEAT brand knows that all too well.

In fact, their foot warmer doesn’t only keep your toes warm, but the entire foot as well. Even if you don’t use insulated boots, you’ll still feel nice and toasty feet every day.

  • Functionality

The greatest thing about Savior’s products is that they are multi-purpose. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor winter activities.

It is perfect for skiing, biking, ice climbing, hiking, hunting, fishing, and all other fun things during the cold weather. With this pair, you never have to worry about painful frostbite even if you engage in those activities mentioned.

  • Ease of Use

A high-quality product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to use. By adding more and more features to it, more complexities in usage could also follow. But what happens when quality meets simplicity in operation? This is what SAVIOR does.

It’s very easy to use and operate. It only has one switch that controls all the 3 heat settings. One long press of the button will power up the heating system. If you want to change the temperature, all you need to do is quickly press the button and you’re good to go.

  • Warranty

How many of us really consider warranty as an important factor when buying winter gear? I bet only a few. Sometimes, this aspect is neglected, which I believe is somehow wrong. It is always good to know whether the company is offering a warranty or not.

Right now, SAVIOR is offering a 12-month warranty for this. It also has a 30-day full refund policy for defective items.

  • Where to Buy Them Online?

This product is available on Amazon and/or The Warming Store.

Check Price on Amazon

4. Autocastle – Cheap Thermal Socks for Everyday Use

  • Battery Life: up to 7 hours
  • Heat Settings: 3 levels
  • Best For: Blood circulation, sleeping, skiing, cycling, etc.

Having chronic cold feet is never easy. Instead of being able to enjoy all the fun stuff outdoors during winter, you are forced to stay at home as much as possible.

Although you can wear several layers of clothing, it does not always do the trick. If you have this kind of problem, then it would be best to try out a good pair of electric-powered heating socks.

Autocastle is among the few trusted manufacturers that produce pretty great quality foot warmers. It uses spandex and cotton blended fabric that provides great insulation even without the heating elements.

Powered by two 3.7V lithium-ion batteries, this pair can run up to a total of 7 hours.

It’s a must-have for those who are planning to spend a day out in the snow.

What’s even better is that it comes in a wonderful box wrapping perfect for gifts during winter. And since it’s unisex, you can give them out to your group of friends.

FYI, Autocastle also offers some of the best heated beanies on the market this year.

  • Hand washable

The problem with foot warmers with heating elements is that it’s relatively difficult to clean. Since it has electronics somewhere within the layers of fabric, you have to be extra careful when washing it.

This is also true for Autocastle electric-powered heating socks. You need to gently hand wash it if you think it needs cleaning. Although the item itself is durable, machine washing is highly discouraged because it will damage the built-in heating system.

  • Unisex

It’s really hard to find a wearable item that fits both men and women, but Autocastle made it possible. The colors are also neutral so regardless of gender, it will still look good on you (it’s nice to stay in style even if the socks won’t show under layers of winter clothes, IMHO).

  • Rechargeable Batteries

For first-time users, you need to initially charge the batteries for 12 hours straight. After that, the batteries will fill up in as fast as 4 to 5 hours. With an over-voltage protection feature installed, your charger’s indicator light will turn green. This will keep you and your batteries safe from overcharging.

  • Heating Area

The heating elements are strategically placed on the front instep. It warms that area well and reaches up to the toes after a while.

To keep the entire feet warm throughout its full operating time, there’s a trick you need to know. When you switch the battery-heated socks on, just set the temperature to the highest level for 10 to 15 minutes.

That’s enough to warm the entire foot. After that, you can adjust to a medium or low setting and just keep the warmth at an acceptable level. With this trick, you can also save lots of battery time.

  • Where to Buy Them Online?

This product is available on Amazon and/or The Warming Store.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Lenz – High End Socks for Winter Sports Enthusiasts

  • Battery Life: up to 14 hours
  • Heat Settings: 3 levels
  • Best For: Raynaud’s syndrome and winter outdoor activities

If you are looking for premium battery-powered heated socks, then this is the perfect product for you.

Made with only the finest sock materials, LENZ has dominated the top ranks when it comes to high-grade winter gear.

However, there’s a catch: it also comes with a premium price tag.

To be honest, the features included in this pair are beyond creative, and that probably explains the expensive pricing. If you don’t mind spending over a hundred bucks for one pair, then this is definitely a good foot warmer you can invest in.

  • Long Lasting Battery

One of the major concerns when it comes to using thermal socks is that the battery almost always runs out during the most important moments. With LENZ 5, you never have to worry about that ever again.

This product has by far the longest-running battery life I’ve known. For a single full charge, you can enjoy warm feet for up to 14 hours tops. Wow, that’s more than half an entire day. Just imagine all the fun activities you can do outside without worrying about cold feet.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

This is the best thing about Lenz products. It offers a whole new feature that can only be seen in premium items such as this pair. Once you connect it via Bluetooth, you can now control the heat settings of the socks from your phone. You don’t need to manually reach the button to set the temperature to your desired level. It’s very convenient, honestly.

  • Toe Cap Heating Elements

The most common concern about buying cheap heated socks is that they don’t warm the toes. It’s somewhat maddening because that area gets cold easily.

The good thing is that LENZ has toe cap heating elements. This ensures that the entire toe (front, back, sides) remains as warm as possible. And since this pair warms up pretty quickly, you’ll feel it on your toes fast enough.

  • Where to Buy Them Online?

This product is available on Amazon and/or The Warming Store.

Check Price on Amazon

6. Mobile Warming – Electric Foot Warmer With a Snug Fit

  • Battery Life: 11 hours
  • Heat Settings: 3 levels
  • Best For: Hiking, working outdoors, motorcycle, ice fishing

Warming your feet has never been this easy.

With just one click of a button, you instantly feel that nice warm heat enveloping your entire foot. Mobile Warming’s electric foot warmer helps you with the cold feet situation.

Made for everyday use, this pair of socks is excellent in doing its job. What makes it even more interesting is that it doesn’t feel like there are tiny electronic pieces inside it. It’s almost as if wearing a regular sock with the bonus of a heating element. Since it has the thickness of a normal pair, fitting your ski and winter boots will not be an issue.

Just like any other pair, this pair will totally work for cold weather photographers.

  • Batteries

One thing that I liked about Mobile Warming’s product is that they do well in terms of operating time. Powered by a 3.7V 2200 mAh battery, you will enjoy using it for as long as 11 hours. That’s quite longer than most of the thermal socks mentioned here.

  • Anti-Microbial Feature

Mobile Warming is not only concerned with how effective the heating elements in the socks are, but it also pays close attention to how sanitary it is to keep using them. They use anti-microbial fabrics to ensure that your feet stay as clean and as healthy as possible.

  • Where to Buy Them Online?

This product is available on Amazon and/or The Warming Store.

Check Price on Amazon

7. MMLove – Cheap Alternative to High-End Heated Socks

  • Battery Life: 6 hours
  • Heat Settings: 3 levels
  • Best For: Skiing, hunting, hiking, biking, fishing etc

MMLove brings you a quick-heating thermal sock to make you feel nice this entire winter season. It might not be a brand that rings a bell, but it definitely has something good to offer – and for a very affordable price.

This product is perfect for those who are looking for inexpensive alternatives to high-end battery-powered heated socks. It falls below $50 so it really doesn’t cost much for something that could last a couple of winter seasons.

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries

Since it comes with a rechargeable power supply, you get to save more with this product. And it charges faster than most brands, at about 4 to 5 hours in full capacity. This means you’ll be able to use it more during the day.

  • Quick Heating

This is the best thing about this pair. It doesn’t let your feet stay cold for long. In fact, it starts heating up the entire feet (including all your toes from base to tips) in less than a minute. That is considerably fast enough.

  • Made out of Cotton

MMLove’s thermal socks are made of cotton fabric. Because of this, it’s really soft and gives you a comfy feel. No matter how long you wear them on, they will not irritate your skin so you don’t have to worry. Just always remember to clean them regularly to avoid bacteria and fungi.

However, there’s a setback to that. Since it is made entirely out of cotton, it is not waterproof. It gets wet easily so be careful when using it outside. The good thing is that it also dries as fast. Once it does, you’re ready to use it as if nothing happened.

  • Where to Buy Them Online?

This product is available on Amazon and/or The Warming Store.

Check Price on Amazon

Heated Socks Buying Guide: The 5 Things to Keep in Mind

In this section, I’d like to talk about what you need to know before buying battery-heated clothing, in this case, socks.

Buying winter gear needs thorough consideration. If you want the purchase to be worth it, there are several factors to consider. Though this season only lasts for a couple of months, investing in good quality products will give you more benefits in the end.

Here are some of the features you must look for:


Of course, your main concern for buying a product should be this one. Otherwise, why would you buy something that easily gets broken, right?

The durability of an item is a deal-breaker. Have you ever noticed how some people pay a hefty price just to buy high-quality products? It’s because you will benefit from it longer than cheaper ones.

Durable heated socks last for more than one or two winter seasons. Imagine the savings you will get from paying $200 for a pair that you can wear for 3 years compared to buying 6 to 8 pairs within that same timeframe at $50 each.

FAQ: How will you know if the item is durable?

The answer is simple: do your research. You can read various trusted product reviews online or even better you can directly ask a friend of yours who uses the same pair. Nothing beats actual usage experience. Ask them to give you an honest opinion on the product and consider it when you make the actual purchase.


The materials used in creating a product are also important. Some of them provide great insulation even without electric heating elements, while others don’t.

Heated socks can be made out of wool, cotton, spandex, polyester, or a combination of two or more of them. Each of these materials have different durability and offers different levels of comfort (this one’s entirely based on your personal preference).

Wool and cotton are soft and provides good insulation. Since these are the two most commonly used materials for making normal socks, you won’t even feel that there are heating elements embedded in it unless you put the batteries in.

On the other hand, spandex and polyester are not that common in regular socks. However, they still are good materials for thermal socks. These materials make it more durable and long-lasting. If you are looking for a pair with awesome weatherproofing capabilities, then find one made with these kinds of materials.


The next thing you need to consider is the overall battery life of the electric heated socks. The bigger the battery capacity, the longer you will be able to use it to warm your cold feet. However, there’s always a trade-off to that. Bigger capacity means bulkier batteries.

Generally, winter socks may use two different types of batteries – disposable and rechargeable. Both have their own set of advantages and setbacks.

Personally, I prefer buying warm socks that use rechargeable batteries. Normally, this type can be recharged over 400 times, allowing you to save hundreds of bucks in the long run. On average, these type runs for 2 to 8 hours continuously. Other high-grade ones can even operate for as long as 12 hours straight.

When using disposable batteries, you can readily bring some spare ones so your winter activities remain uninterrupted. By the moment your current set runs out, you can simply dispose of it and replace it with new ones. The only downside about this is that when you sum up the entire amount spent on spare batteries, it tends to be more expensive.


Another important thing to consider before buying warm socks is its heating capabilities. Most of the time, this kind of socks has 3 heat settings – low, medium, and high.

The greatest advantage of having multiple options is that you can adjust the temperature to your own liking. If your feet are not that cold during normal winter days, then you can just put it on the low heat setting to save up on battery.

There are also other good quality winter socks that have heat boost settings. This is a special feature that gives you a burst of warmth at specific time intervals without affecting your battery capacity.


Last but definitely not the least consideration should be the price of an item.

Let’s be honest here…

Pricing plays a vital role in decision-making when purchasing winter gear. But this totally depends on how much you are willing to shell out for a single pair of battery-heated socks. You can buy a high-quality pair for up to $500 while the cheaper ones can cost as low as $30.

Truth is…

There is nothing wrong if you wish to buy the cheapest pair in the market, but you should always consider the quality of that product. More often than not, these are not sturdy. You might even end up getting frustrated with it.

On the other hand, expensive pairs do not necessarily mean they are the most durable. There might still be other more affordable options with better performance. It’s really just a matter of choosing which features are more beneficial to you. 

The other heated gear/clothing you can check out:


I’d like to hear from YOU:

What are your thoughts on this guide to the best-heated socks (for cycling) in 2024?

Do you need them for skiing, snowboarding, sleeping, hunting, and ice fishing, or do you simply have chronically cold feet and need them for everyday use?

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